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If you are a candid wedding photographer, fashion blogger, selfie lover or a phonographer then bookmark the following list of places in Malleshwaram for your next shoot. Ladies and gents I assure you they are absolutely swell and make for interesting background props.

Malleshwram Station: This station in particular is a fascinating place to be. It hides a silent but burgeoning art scene midst its tracks and sporadic trains. Bangalore based artist Shilo has stamped an entire wall with a whimsical scene of the station. This huge canvas makes for a colorful and interactive backdrop. Apart from that you can also use the platforms to shoot. It is mostly filled with people reading newspapers and novels, other than a handful of travelers of course.

Malleshwaram Station

Malleshwaram Station

MES College: Clean up a dumpster, lay a couple of benches for people to sit and paint the wall behind as if it were a chess board. (if you think orange is the new black i.e.) and you have a lovely background to take tons of interesting pictures. This is the real story about the corner situated adjacent to MES college in Malleshwaram.


18th Cross Bus stop: The walls of 18th cross bus stop in Malleshwaram have been color washed and how! They look like a pack of unwrapped Poppins.

18th cross bus stop

Just outside the bus stop, as a bonus you will spot a giant holy cow resting like a boss. It has been painted by this street artist who signs of his paintings as Aam Admi. It is a brilliant piece of work in 3D.

Aam Admi Street art

Sampige Road: Have you met St.Art in Bangalore? If not, head to Sampige road and you’ll find a profound message hanging by the corner of 5th cross. It is however painful to see small bills stuck on such a beautiful piece of art work. Nonetheless it still makes for a neat backdrop.

P.S ST.Art is an Urban Art festival aimed at promoting art in India through installations, street art and graffiti on Indian landscapes.

Sampige Road

Sampige Road

St Art in Sampige Road

Malleshwaram Circle: Folks, I kid you not but funny face ET is here with a bunch of other ETs.  Ancient aliens are waiting for you to make a picture with them. Go visit now!

Graffiti in Malleshwaram Circle

Smrithi Rao
Smrithi Rao
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