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How many of you have met strangers whose cheeks you immediately want to squish? I recently met with cartoonist Paul Fernandes and I wanted to do just that. He sits behind his carefully decorated desk at his gallery apaulogy and narrates his life and work as if they were fables. I say fables because farce illustrations of buildings, humans and animals from his recounts are strewn across his gallery we were sitting in as if they were happening as he was narrating. Some are hung on walls; some are depicted on bags, books, mugs and clocks; certain others are etched on coasters and on a range of other oddities.

Paul fernandes glass case

A disciple of commercial arts, he graduated from an arts college in Baroda, Gujarat. Although he has been drawing all his life, it was  in college that he honed his skills and learnt how to communicate through drawings. One look at his gallery and you will nod in agreement. However, just as I was about to conclude that Paul’s work is all about his beloved Bangalore, he quickly introduces me to illustrations from places in Mumbai. His art is as diverse and engaging as his warm and sometimes naughty personality.

Paul Fernandes gallery

His personal memories, observations and stories manifest as illustrations, which is why it is next to impossible for him to favor a few. His art depicts momentary feelings, and to say it is beautifully captured on canvas is an understatement. It is not only blotched with different shades of colors and characters but with real emotions too. A character known to him is now known to many others.He fondly points at a framed illustration which has two suave gentlemen walking by, bowing to a lady standing at the gate. “My sister was a beautiful lady. Every day gentleman, who walked by the house while she stood outside buying eggs, would bow down to her” he recalls.

Other than hanging a few of his work at your homes and offices, you might wonder, what else can be done? Based on personal experience, I feel they make fantastic souvenirs for gifting friends and family. You will not only be packing an artist’s hard work, but also a bit of history, drama, reality and surrealism all wrapped into one gifting box.

Smrithi Rao
Smrithi Rao
I like to travel, have a penchant to photograph pets, places, home and people. Discovering and sharing new projects and ideas happens to be one of my obsessions along with narrating tales about Bangalore, Fashion, Food, Lifestyle,Travel and Design.
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