MeatTreat meets At People’s Art Cafe in Indranagar

On a Friday evening, my friends and I went to this quaint little (when I say little, I really do mean little) cafe in Indiranagar called The People’s Art Cafe for a dinner treat orchestrated by Fay Barretto. Fay owns a catering service called MeatTreat. At Meattreat, Fay creates a set menu of three specific dishes, that changes every week. These dishes are then made of common knowledge to people who then place their orders through Monday till Friday. Come the weekend, Fay delivers these orders. Delivery is only done on Saturdays and Sundays. And here’s the best part, its pure Non-Vegetarian Food!! (Sincere apologies to the “better half” but being 100% carnivorous myself, this makes my heart sing)

Orange Mohito Mocktail

So last Friday, Fay organized a wonderful little dinner party at The Peoples art Cafe in Indiranagar on account of the New Year and its due celebrations. We were given a selection for a 3 course meal (starters, the main course and dessert). The menu was simple yet invigorating. As an exception the menu had vegetarian options as well.

In the vegetarian selection the menu boasted of Veg crostini as a starter; Cauliflower steak, for main course and Cheesecake, Rum Fudge & Brownies with Vanilla Ice-Cream for dessert. In the non-vegetarian scene of things, we had the options of: Lamb Cutlets, Bacon & Beef Crostini and Chicken Wings for starters. Chicken Steak, Beef Steak and Pork in Plum Sauce for main course and Cheesecake, Rum Fudge & Brownies with Vanilla Ice-Cream for dessert.

Beef Steak

I chose the following: Bacon & Beef Crostinis for starters, Pork in Plum sauce for the main course and Cheesecake for dessert. The party started with a chilled Orange Mojito Mocktail which was very refreshing.  This was followed by a Cream of Chicken Soup, the base of which was a chicken stalk broth. The broth was very intensely flavoured and packed quite a punch. Broths made of any kind of stalk (be it meat, fish or vegetables) requires long hours of simmering, and the broth served that night underwent 48 hours worth of prep time! The vegetarian counterpart of this was a mushroom stalk broth which was equally delicious.

Veg Crostini

The starters, which according to me was the best part of the meal comprised Bacon & Beef Crostinis. The crunchy bread base with delicious crispy bacon and flavourful ground beef, offset with spicy jalepinos, sauteed peppers and melted cheese was absolutely divine! We also had the Lamb Cutlets and Veg Crostini which were as good! But, how can anything beat Bacon, is always my question.

Beef Steak

The main course was a glorious plateful of pork cooked in plum sauce. And though the sauce had the balance between sweet and savoury flavours, the meat was a tad bit overcooked!

Rum Cake

On the sweeter side of things, I had the classic Cheesecake while my friends had the Rum Fudge, both of which were nice. However, the cheesecake could have been better set and the cake was more crumbly that fudgy!

All in all, it was a great night. More than food, what got me real excited towards the end is the concept. Yes, It took a four course meal for that realization to dawn upon me.

Shreya Das
Shreya Das
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